Sedona Honey CBD

What is CBD Honey?

Infused Honey with 99% pure CBD

Made in the USA from organic honey that is produced in Sedona, Arizona. We are proud to introduce Sedona Honey CBD, a cannabinoid infused honey that is used for alternative treatments for pain, physical or mental fatigue, improving focus or helping get a full nights sleep.

Our products are derived from US grown hemp, that is laboratory produced into 99% CBD isolate, which is then infused into our honey products.

Sedona honey CBD is formulated by a team of scientists with over 40 years experience in the cannabis industry. The most absorbable and effective CBD available, produced with a combination of plant terpenes and organic ingredients.

Our scientists have created four potent tinctures with powerful results that target specific symptoms and ailments.

CBD Products

Why choose Sedona Honey CBD Products?

We are excited to offer multiple varieties of CBD infused honey that help with the following:

Pain CBD Honey

Our Sedona Honey CBD for pain is a great alternative to traditional pain treatments. It is made for for a variety of pain problems and ailments.

Stress CBD Honey

Having a stressful day? Our Sedona Honey CBD for stress is perfect to take for the relieve of stress and add a calming effect to your daily routine.

Focus CBD Honey

Looking to focus more at work or school? Sedona Honey CBD for focus is a great alternative to energy drinks or over the counter focus medicine.

Sleep CBD Honey

Not getting a full night sleep? Then our Sedona Honey CBD for sleep is a perfect alternative to sleep meds or sleeping aids. A great solution for a complete nights sleep.

Organic & Vegan Honey

We use the highest quality organic and vegan honey produced in the city of Sedona, Arizona . Our harvesters have been produce honey at a "No Kill" bee farm.

Daily CBD intake

Our Sedona Honey CBD is perfect for your daily dosage of cannabanoids and CBD infusion. Formulated by a team of scientists to ensure it's quality and dosage strength.